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10 Things You Should Do To Save Marriage


Are you married to an addict or someone with deep personal problems?

Is your marriage or family life going through difficult times due to problems, financial worries, abuse, or caring for a family member who is physically or mentally disabled?

If so, are you making excuses for these things? Is your drunken husband sick? Continue to do housework because you can’t help your poor partner? Do you deny that abuse is taking place in your own home? Do you find yourself taking charge and bearing the burdens of the entire marriage or family?


You can be self-sufficient, which is a serious issue between marriage and families. We have heard the term ‘two old married people’ before. Most of us have a laid-back attitude when it comes to painting a picture about ourselves. Some of us find it cumbersome and embarrassing. After all, what do you always want? Comfortable wedding as old sock or hype in a thriller novel and joke?

10 Things You Should Do To Save Marriage

 Interestingly, few couples feel so comfortable with each other that they want to know the secret to completing each other’s verses and pointing at each other? Studies show that couples like this initially have a better sex life with all the emotions in their life. Why this conscious couple does not include intimacy, passion, and spices in their married life. Let’s call weddings ‘art forms’, which is what they have created over the years


Learn these spices to make your marriage romantic? Here are some of them

1. Choose each other.

The mother of all these tips. Successful older couples realize that in their lives, children, their parents, siblings, co-workers, and the best pendants in their relationships need to prioritize their marriage.

Why in the end, you both live life together and you promise to do it. People do not understand that your wife is your number one priority! They allow their marriage to be like children, family politics, and job responsibilities. Big noYour partner needs to know that he or she can trust you to do the best for the relationship and that he or she is your best friend and will never disappoint you. When you work as a team, as a team you face that responsibility to others.


2. Do not abandon each other

The interruption of life, the children, and the laundry take time for each other. This is not allowed! If you are of the default type, you should set a date for the partner and keep it regularly, so check your understanding again! You can also plan surprise dates. They don’t have to be pretty, they just have to spend time feeding on top. The way you teach your wife to be creative in dating, be creative in that bedroom!


3. Fair fight, always smile.

You may think these help elements are irrelevant but they are perfectly compatible! Everything is a matter of attitude. How do you view conflicts or arguments in your relationship? How do you see ridicule? If you can always inject both with a positive attitude, you will realize that everything came from within. Learn how to fight creatively with the right communication tools. Do not take the fight seriously. Laugh with your wife during your annoying little fight. See both of these as essential to your marriage.

 4 Speak, Discuss agree to disagree

As a couple, it is best to share most of your beliefs and opinions about your life. However, even if you do not, it is important to talk, discuss, and interrupt to make your marriage more comfortable. You can agree, that's it! The more you talk, the more you know what your wife is thinking and feeling. 

You look like the real person behind this word. You may have learned to rely on yourself because of your family background. This happened in your family, so you will be attracted to the same situation after you get married.

There are numerous reasons why a once committed relationship would degenerate to one partner asking for a divorce. It could have been:

- Affairs

- Isolated from a great distance

- Contradiction

- Wife's behavioral problems or mental problems

-Even uncontrolled addiction.

Whatever the cause of these problems, the important thing is that the couple is more likely to get a divorce when something goes wrong, except for any abuse or psychological problems handled by a professional:

- Conversation,

- Love

-And the intimacy


About marriage

There is no need for conflict or anger to create an unresolved divide between partners. This is the ultimate because you have good communication skills and a partnership commitment to marriage. However, where now How can the other spouse on the verge of divorce save his marriage? If you live in a place where your wife has asked for a divorce, what can you do?


First, you have to understand that you have to make a choice. Most of the time, when faced with an emergency, we find ourselves back in a corner where we have no choice. How can we change the situation when a person's feelings or decisions are involved? While we should never manipulate, blackmail, or threaten our partners to change their minds, we can control how we react in practice. 

If anything, you should understand that you still have control over yourself. You have the opportunity to take responsibility for your own feelings and actions, and you have a personal list of what your partner is trying to tell you. Should any problem in your married life change? If yes, give appropriate and proactive feedback.

The most common question for spouses when facing marriage/crisis is: How can I save my marriage if my spouse doesn't want to help me find a solution? How can I be successful if I am trying to save my marriage?

It's a fairly simple story: one partner leaves, the other stays. One lives in 'love', the other uncertain. Either way, it separates the couple, keeps the individual alive, keeps alive their possibilities, fears, doubts, aspirations, and binds him into a single marriage.

Given that two people are contributing to the overall health and well-being of the marriage, shouldn't you really be present to save it? Or, worse, when it's him, shouldn't it be his fault, he should correct them? After all, you are the victim here.


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